If You Unblock a Number on Iphone What Happens?

Unblocking a number on an iphone allows that number to call, text and leave voicemails again. When you unblock a number on your iphone, the individual will not be notified of the unblock, and the messages or calls received during the time it was blocked will not reappear.

Smartphones, specifically iphones, have become such invaluable communication devices, with a sophisticated blocking feature. The block feature on your iphone lets you silence unwanted callers, texts, and facetime invitations from spammers or people who annoy you. However, at times, there may be valid reasons why you want to unblock certain numbers.

So, if you unblock a number on your iphone, the contact can communicate with you again without any notification on their end. It’s necessary to understand the overall effect of unblocking a number on your iphone before making a final decision.

If You Unblock a Number on Iphone What Happens?

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The Basics Of Blocking And Unblocking Numbers On Iphone

Blocking and unblocking numbers on iphone is a useful feature that most users utilize. It’s a simple process to block a number on an iphone, but the reasons why people do it can vary. Some may want to prevent unwanted calls or messages, while others may be trying to avoid a particular person.

When you block a number on an iphone, the caller’s phone will continue to ring, but it will go straight to voicemail. Text messages from the blocked number won’t come through, and you won’t receive any notifications. On the other hand, if you decide to unblock a number on your iphone, you can do so easily by following a few simple steps.

It’s important to know that unblocking a number will not restore any missed calls or messages that were blocked.

What Are The Consequences Of Blocking A Number?

When you block a number on your iphone, the blocked caller won’t be able to contact you by phone or text. Voicemails from blocked numbers won’t appear in your visual voicemail. If the blocked caller tries to call you, they’ll hear a busy signal or go straight to voicemail.

They won’t get a notification that they’ve been blocked. As for text messages, you won’t receive them from blocked numbers, and the person sending them won’t be notified that their messages were blocked. If you decide to unblock the number, they’ll again be able to call and text you like before.

However, if the blocked caller continues to harass you, you can always block them again.

How To Unblock A Number On Iphone

Unblocking a number on iphone is easy. Open your phone app and go to the recent calls tab. Tap the “i” icon next to the blocked number, then scroll down and select “unblock this caller”. The number will then be removed from the blocked contacts list.

All calls and messages from this number will be received again. If the number has left voicemails, they can still be accessed. However, if the number was also deleted from your phone’s contacts list, you may need to re-enter it to view past messages.

Keep in mind that unblocking a number does not restore any deleted messages or calls.

Can You Permanently Block A Number On Iphone?

Blocking and unblocking a number on your iphone can be a great way to control unwanted calls. However, the question remains: can you permanently block a number on an iphone? The answer is yes, but it’s not always the best option.

There are several reasons why you might want to permanently block a number, such as harassment or constantly receiving spam calls. But blocking a number has limitations and you may miss important calls. Additionally, there are possible alternatives you can consider instead of blocking numbers, such as silencing notifications or using a third-party app.

By understanding the options available, you can effectively manage unwanted calls on your iphone without missing important ones.

Frequently Asked Questions For If You Unblock A Number On Iphone What Happens?

What Happens When You Unblock A Number On Iphone?

Once you unblock a number, you can receive calls and texts from that number again. The person whose number was blocked won’t receive a notification when you unblock their number. They can call and text you, and you can reply.

Do I Lose My Blocked Calls And Messages?

No, you don’t lose any blocked calls or messages. When you unblock a number, all the previously blocked calls and messages will appear in your device. You can respond to them if needed, or you can delete them.

How To Unblock A Number On Iphone?

To unblock a number on iphone, go to “settings”, select “phone”, then “call blocking & identification”, and finally tap on the minus sign to the right of the number that you want to unblock. Once you finish these steps, you’ll have unblocked the number.

Can Someone Tell If You Unblock Them On Iphone?

No, someone can’t tell if you unblock them on iphone. There won’t be any notification on their device; they’ll never know that you’ve unblocked them. They can see their previous messages and calls again, and they can contact you.

How To Check If A Number Is Blocked On Iphone?

To check if a number is blocked on iphone, go to “settings,” then “phone,” and “call blocking & identification. ” The numbers that have been blocked are listed here. If you see the number that you’re wondering about, it’s been blocked.


Unblocking a number on iphone can be a quick solution to communication issues or unintended blocks. It helps to remove the restrictions on receiving texts, calls, or facetime from a blocked number. Once the number is unblocked, all calls, messages, and facetime will be available to the user normally.

It means the person who was blocked can now call, text, or facetime without any hindrance. However, if the block was due to harassment or unwanted calls or messages from a particular number, it’s better to be careful before unblocking the number.

Users should think twice and consider the consequences before unblocking the number. Overall, it’s important to know how to unblock a number on an iphone when needed, as it can prevent issues related to blocking important contacts unintentionally or sometimes, blocking legitimate numbers due to misunderstandings.

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